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Evening and wedding dresses, flower girls dresses

Fashion house Miss Match is supplier Evening and wedding dresses, flower girls dresses.

MISS MATCH is a Bulgarian trade-mark lead by a team of professionals with proved experience. The rich imagination of “the matchmaker”, the excellent quality and the accent on the specific details is her basic priority. Inspired by the individuality of the modern woman, Spring-Summer collection of MISS MATCH Fashion House skillfully combines original models and luxury fabrics, selected in Dubay, Turkey and France – the leaders in textile industry. The satin, taffeta, organza and sheer lace of the season are delicately-decorated with pebbles, pearls, beads or hand-made flowers that beautifully complement the feeling of a thrilling lady-like silhouette. Sensual blue, passionate claret and exquisite old gold are the basic colours of the evening dress which comfort will bring you unforgettable memories from this special moment. In the bridal dress, MISS MATCH combined classical romance with modern touch and enticingly combined the innocent white with passionate red, and the sparkling “champagne” with beautiful weathers. Addition to the romantic dress of “the matchmaker” are her original accessories – exquisite shoes and stylish bags with “MISS MATCH” trade-mark, specially designed for each dress that wonderfully emphasize every woman’s individuality.


Meli-M company is owner Miss Match trade mark and is certifited by ISO 9001: 2008





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