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dostavka s kurier
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Music instruments

Meli-M company is supplier for traditional musical instrments. You can order by us: 

Tapan (he tapan is beaten from one of the sides with a big wooden kiyak and from the other side - with a thin osier, through which it is played the part of the small drum, which the Bulgarians don't use in the folk music)

Tamboura in comparison with the other musical folk instruments is not as diffused as gadoulka.

Gadoulka (gadulka) is a Slavonic stringed instrument without a fingerboard as it is in the current violin.

Gaida is an instrument that is used by all European nations. It's composed from the following parts: gaidunitsa, ruchilo, duhalo, glavini and meh.

Kaval - The kaval is one of the most diffused musical folk instruments used a lot by the Bulgarians from long time ago still now. It's used in the whole Bulgaria

Duduk (diudiuk) - The duduk's nozzle has a bill form. It's different from the little kaval and the tsafara with its construction and way of reproducing the sound.

Dvoyanka - It is a double pipe (gaida), which has a form of a rectangular prism or which is more rarely is composed form two parallel cylindrical tubes. It has a length from 30 to 40 cm.

Tsafara -traditional bulgarian music instrument

and another music instruments

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