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Company Meli-M gives you the unique opportunity to shop for their online stores. You do not have to walk over to the various stores wasting time and nerves. We will send your order by courier directly to your store. Upon registration, we note that we are a dealer and give accurate information to contact you. Once you register, you will receive e-mail from the site administrator. Meli-M Company reserves the right to reject your application for registration as a dealer if it finds irregularities in the information you provided.
Select products that you are interested, write quantity and place an order. In response, we will prepare and send you a quotation. Your order will be executed after approval of the offer by you. Copy the shop is author or made Meli-M Company by an authorized representative of the brand. Traders will be given the opportunity to use it in their own catalogs, websites or promotional materials in further negotiations about us.
Minimum order quantity of an item is determined by the manufacturer or dealer and is different for each product. If found to be defective or incorrectly shipped items, Meli-M Company performed instead. Your order will be sent by cash - it is necessary to pay the amount of the contract plus cents a delivery courier. Meli-M Company undertakes as a trading company to issue an invoice for the sale.
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